Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Nov 8 Narrating

Here at Litphonix, we’re of the view that you can’t go far wrong with a Hardy novel. The quaint, pastoral nature of his fictional dreamscape, the idyllic county of Wessex, with its towering hedgerows and golden barley fields, is what inevitably draws readers in, and still more poignant are the dramas of farmyard and country […]

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oct 20 Narrating

Evil things often come in a pretty package. Except, Dorian Gray isn’t really evil. Or is he… It’s a hotly contested question. Is The Picture of Dorian Gray, brainchild of the garish but enigmatic Oscar Wilde, a story of innocence corrupted, or something much more complex? That’s for you to decide, mon ami! Scandalous when […]

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Why an audiobook needs a great narrator…

Apr 20 Narrating

Litphonix looks at why it is essential for an audiobook to have a great narrator… The listener wants to hear characters that have their own voice, personality and quirks. Whether the book is non-fiction or fiction doesn’t matter, all characters should bring something distinct to the story. The same way you would if you were […]

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Are You Thinking of Becoming an Audiobook Publisher?

Apr 13 Narrating

How to publish an audiobook Traditionally, audiobook publishing has several barriers to entry and has not yet been fully embraced. You may never have published a book, but your love for books sees you wanting to get involved with audiobook narration. Or, it could be that you are already a successful book publisher and you […]

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How do I become an Audiobook Narrator for Litphonix?

Audiobook Narrator EASY!! Litphonix is like YouTube for audiobooks. Anyone can be an audiobook narrator for Litphonix, it doesn’t matter about your previous experience. However, having an interest and passion for reading is needed. If you don’t put the effort into your narration, or find that reading is a chore more than a pleasure, then […]

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5 Tips on Great Audiobook Narration

Audiobook Narration Audiobook Narration is one of the most important elements to a good audiobook no matter how creative the writing, how engaging the story, how imaginative the characters, if the audiobook is narrated poorly it makes for a disappointing listening experience. We have compiled five crucial requirements for narrating a great audiobook. 1. Voice […]

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Feb 11 Narrating

This whistle-stop thriller is truly the stuff of nightmares. Stevenson’s masterpiece is like the vodka shot of gothic literature – short, sharp and mind-warping; some even credit him as the originator of the superhero genre for dabbling with the idea of a split personality. Its appeal is (ironically) twofold – for while its sheer sensationalism […]

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5 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks

Jan 20 Listening

Some people still love the traditional printed book, but over the 12 months we have spoken to lots of people who tell us they are consuming more and more audiobooks, so if you still aren’t sure if audiobooks are for you, we thought we’d put down the 5 top reason why those that are now […]

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Litphonix – Audiobooks helping you to sleep…

Jan 12 Listening

Do you enjoy a good e-book at bedtime? How well are you sleeping? A team from Harvard Medical School compared reading paper books and light-emitting e-readers before sleep. They found it took longer to nod off with a back-lit e-reader, which led to poorer quality sleep and being more tired the next morning. Original Kindle readers do […]

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Benefits of Audiobooks in Learning

Where do audiobooks fit into learning? I love listening to audiobooks and many share my enthusiasm, however, sometimes my enthusiasm is met with comments such as “That’s not really reading, is it?” or “I won’t let my students listen to audiobooks because that’s cheating.” Listening to books is certainly different from reading books, but is it cheating? […]

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