How do I become an Audiobook Narrator for Litphonix?

Audiobook Narrator

EASY!! Litphonix is like YouTube for audiobooks.

Anyone can be an audiobook narrator for Litphonix, it doesn’t matter about your previous experience. However, having an interest and passion for reading is needed. If you don’t put the effort into your narration, or find that reading is a chore more than a pleasure, then Litphonix might not be right for you.

While we understand that the audiobook narrators for Litphonix aren’t all professionals, our listeners will still expect a certain standard, so when you record make sure you put the time in and give it the energy you’d expect of someone else, as if you were listening to the audiobook. Narrations that have heart will sell better, and ultimately you could make more money.

Litphonix narrations are proof-listened by you. It is up to you to notice mistakes, long pauses, stumbles, and poor sound. You can record as many times as you like until you get it right. You will also be able to re-record as little as one sentence of any existing recording.

If you wish to record a certain book more than once, in a different style or tone, you will need to have more than one account. Remember there are plenty of other books to record first.

Litphonix does not judge you upon your reading style. How you read is up to you. To us, every audiobook narration has merit and with practice you can become a star. It will be possible for listeners to comment on your recording, this is to provide helpful criticism or to write compliments on your work. If any comments break the conditions of our Terms of Use or are hurtful or make you feel uncomfortable please report it.

As an audiobook narrator you can listen to your own narrations as many times as you want for free. The performance fees will be paid into your account every time your recording is listened to by someone else.

You can narrate the audiobooks using your smartphone or tablet. Then others will enjoy listening to your audiobooks. We even provide you with free software which will display the books line by line and capture your spoken word.

Smartphones today have studio quality audio recording circuitry as standard. Some of our best audiobooks have been captured using low-cost Android phones. However It is important to use a separate microphone for the best result and there are plenty of low-cost headsets available on the market.

Our free smartphone application displays your chosen book line by line for you to narrate. You can redo a single line and it is seamlessly edited into the audiobook by our software. Litphonix is the easiest and most gratifying way to create your audiobooks. Just find a quiet space and work from home. Your lines are automatically uploaded to our servers through your WiFi connection.

When you have registered a user name then each of your completed chapters is published and your work will begin earning performance royalties for you and you can find more information about this on our ‘Payment’ page.

Chapter one is always free to listeners, a bit like an audio sample….try before you buy.

This is your chance to grab listeners’ interest, so make sure it’s good. You earn more money when you record more high quality audiobooks.

Try narrating a book now. Find a book.