Are You Thinking of Becoming an Audiobook Publisher?

Apr 13 Narrating

How to publish an audiobook

Traditionally, audiobook publishing has several barriers to entry and has not yet been fully embraced. You may never have published a book, but your love for books sees you wanting to get involved with audiobook narration. Or, it could be that you are already a successful book publisher and you want to branch out. Either way, there are a few things that you need to know, and understand, before you take the plunge into audiobook publishing.

Find the book you want to narrate as an audiobook

The very first thing you’ll need to do is find a book to record as an audiobook and ensure you have the rights to publish it, however, with Litphonix this is not an issue, as all books are ready to narrate.

If you are already a publisher or author, this part is easy. As an author, you already have the rights to a book, provided you didn’t grant a publisher rights to the audio version of your book. If you are a print or ebook publisher, you may already have the rights to the audio edition or you can negotiate with the author for those rights, so all you need to do is speak to Litphonix as we would love to discuss publishing the book on our platform.

If you do not already have a book in mind, you can choose any book or story that has fallen into the public domain. This includes a great many classic and well-known works of literature. However, many of these titles already have more than one audiobook edition, so you might want to find something equally brilliant but a little more obscure if you are going the public domain route. The choice at Litphonix is huge and we have many classic books, that are just waiting for narration.

You as the Narrator

Start Audiobook Narration the Right Way

The best way to start to understand how audiobooks work, is to listen to them. By listening to audiobooks you will start to familiarise yourself with the quality requirements of narrating an audiobook. In addition to this it is also important to record yourself reading an actual book to see if you are able to deliver the pitch, pause, pace, punch & tones throughout the entire reading. However, when narrating with Litphonix this isn’t an issue, as our unique software allows you to take it step by step and practise recording and re-recording until you feel comfortable.

Quality and Consistency from Cover to Cover

It’s impossible for you to record an entire book during a single session and usually a 2-hour audiobook takes many hours to record right and a 200-page book may take as long as 6 hours. Despite the time it takes, you have to be able to ensure style consistency throughout the entire recording to ensure what you’re narrating is believable, interesting & engaging.

Getting the audiobook out there

This part is really simple because Litphonix takes the normal barriers away when narrating an audiobook and helps you every step of the way.

Smartphones today have studio quality audio recording circuitry as standard. Some of our best audiobooks have been captured using low-cost Android phones. It is important to use a separate microphone. Low-cost headsets are perfect.

Our free smartphone application displays your chosen book line by line for you to narrate. You can redo a single line and it is seamlessly edited into the audiobook by our software. Litphonix is the easiest and most gratifying way to create your audiobooks. Just find a quiet space and work from home.

Your lines are automatically uploaded to our servers through your WiFi connection. When you have registered a user name then each of your completed chapters is published. Best of all, when your hard work is listened to on Litphonix, you will begin earning performance royalties.

Visit our website now to find out about how you can get narrating audiobooks immediately with Litphonix, without the usual barriers.