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Apr 20 Narrating

Litphonix looks at why it is essential for an audiobook to have a great narrator…

The listener wants to hear characters that have their own voice, personality and quirks. Whether the book is non-fiction or fiction doesn’t matter, all characters should bring something distinct to the story. The same way you would if you were reading the book to your children. This is the only way to make the audiobook engaging.

The audiobook narrator can make all the difference. Narrators should be able to deliver a professional performance, articulation, tone, and pronunciations that will vary for each and every character. The narrator can make a dramatic effect on how the readers experience the story.

If the narrator uses the same tone for everyone, the reader can not separate who it is that is speaking and this leads to confusion and boredom. Nobody wants to listen to a monotone voice. Without the personality behind each character the reader becomes confused and the story gets lost, leading to a poor and non-engaging experience.

Audiobooks need to entertain! A great narrator will create an entertaining and engaging experience for the reader, making it easy for the listener to understand the real crooks of the story. In a well produced audiobook the listener will connect with characters and understand the messages coming through from the story. Above all else the narrator will add enjoyment to the audiobook by bringing the story to life.

There are several benefits that an audiobook can deliver to the reader. Firstly, audiobooks allow readers to multitask and carry on with normal activities, such as, clean the house, exercise, drive or cook, but with the added benefit of being transported to another world whilst plodding on.

Secondly, audiobooks can allow you to get away from daily stresses of life & work to have some ‘me time’. The story can unfold in your mind, without having to focus on the print in front of you…just sit back and relax!

Finally, audiobooks can be easily downloaded and with them being available on so many devices, e.g. tablets, computers, mp3 players, and most mobile phones – they can be at your side anywhere, anytime.

Selecting an audiobook story from a trusted author will not always ensure that your audiobook experience is a positive one, this is because the narrator is almost as important as the story itself. At Litphonix we are seeking the very best narrators who would like to join our quest to deliver, well voiced, well pitched, well toned & above all else…engaging audiobooks.

So, is audiobook narration for you?

In terms of choosing a voice-over career niche, audiobook narration may be the right path for you. However, you have to recognise that your voice may not be the best match for all types of reads, from children’s books and thrillers to romance novels.

If you’re still trying to obtain as much experience as you can, a good tip is to hone your audio narration skills in one area and to expand from there. Since an audiobook has to be narrated with the necessary nuance, inflection, and style consistently, it may be more helpful for you to train within a specific niche, one at a time.

If you’d like to find out more about us and what we offer, then please visit our page which is dedicated to Narration and read through what it means to be an audiobook narrator with Litphonix or just go to our audiobooks that are available to narrate and give it go!